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  • Analytics
  • Most popular GIFs
  • Kiosk mode
  • Slack support
  • Export analytics
  • Export GIFs
  • Premium support
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Get full insight into shares, clicks, installs, re-engaged users, conversion rates and which apps are the most effective when shared to

Most Popular GIFs

See which GIFs generate most installs! This can help you understand your users and the community

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Real-time view of every shared GIF

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What is an initiated share?

An initiated share is when a user clicks the share button that's assigned to the Megacool SDK. A share can lead to a re-engaged user or a new install after it's sent. Each share contains a link and a gameplay GIF which is great for personal recommendation between friends.

What can I expect?

The result you get depends on your daily active users and how well Megacool is implemented. From our experience, the conversion rate from initiated shares to installs usually varies between 0.1 - 4%. The example below uses a conversion rate of 1%.

Your daily active users: 50 k

Current cost per install: $ 3.0

Event Expected value per day
Share initiated 10 k
New installs 100
Average user acquisition cost $ 300
Megacool cost $ 20
Savings $ 280
Re-engaged users 100

How can I increase my conversion rate?

To get more out of each share you can add rewarded referrals
Think of this as rewarded video-ads, but instead of monetization of users, you acquire more users. Easily reward users with in-game currency after a friend has installed the app through a shared link.

To learn more, see features, examples and read our best practice guide.